Professional Wine Bottle Photos

Pro Bottle Shots is a professional photography studio with a focus on wine bottle photos, beer, alcohol bottles and other products, too. Our studio is based in the heart of the Sonoma, California wine country in the good ol’ USA!

Our business may seem simple, photographing bottles or any shiny, reflective surface is anything but. It takes special lighting equipment and technique, and we have both having photographed thousands of bottles. Our quality service, creative styling and fast turn around make us the go-to studio for professional bottle shots. Just ask the many satisfied customers that drop off or ship their bottles to be photographed from around the corner and across the country.

Why choose custom photography for your brand?
The answer is pretty simple… Your brand is unique and you’ve likely spent a great deal of time and money setting it apart from the fray. Why would you choose those services that simply photoshops your label into photo scenes everyone else is using???

Stand out and go custom!

We offer several photo options for your marketing and branding including our most popular Classic clipped bottle shots, which are perfect for e-commerce web stores, and we also create stunning styled marketing photos shot in-studio or on-location. You supply the bottles and any creative direction you like, and we deliver beautiful photography.


Our Client Galleries:

Classic Wine Bottle Photos – click to view more

Styled In-Studio Bottle Photos – click to view more

Custom On-Location & Lifestyle Bottle Shots– click to view more

Other Product Photos – click to view more

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